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The easier, cleaner tampon…

Callaly is a unique new tampon delivering enhanced leakage protection with more convenient and hygienic insertion & removal. This innovative new hybrid product features a smaller tampon with mini-liner, which has been especially designed to be more comfortable and held more securely in place.

"It was easy to use and made me feel comfortable"

“The design is brilliant, it does what every woman needs, better protection from leakage and soiled garments, it's a very clever product”
“This product is much better than needing to carry around multiple products, more discreet”
“Very clean and made the whole period less of a hassle”

Most women agree Callaly has “substantially more hygienic insertion, removal and disposal than a tampon

In fact the majority of women who tested our product said they are likely to purchase Callaly now

Latest independent study completed September 2015. Results have been managed under the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct and the ICC/ESOMAR International Code On Market And Social Research.
“It saves on money and material thereby helping the environment. Also, taking the tampon out is much more hygienic”
“Fantastic … made me feel cleaner”
“It is essentially two products in one. I think it is better than using a panty liner, as it conforms to your body as opposed to your pants, which can move around”

Gynaecologist invented, tested and recommended

In the last 45 years, there simply hasn’t been any new and revolutionary product for women. No wonder one out of five women feels let down by their sanitary protection. Well we’re here to change that…

Misconceptions and old cultural biases that still exist today mean tampons aren’t readily available in many emerging (and developed) countries. Our smaller and gentler design combines the best of both worlds — resulting in a better choice for millions of women.

Based on 30+ years of experience with thousands of patients, our gynaecologists have invented a product that is easy to insert with only a finger that stays clean and protected.

“it managed to make me feel confident that I could use the product and I had no leaks”
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We believe women everywhere deserve better. So for every Callaly product sold, we’ll help ensure women & girls in underserved countries get better access to healthcare & sanitary products.

Step 1You buy a box of Callaly
Step 2We send funds to our partner organisation, Days For Girls International
Step 3DFG sends sustainable hygiene kits to communities around the world
Step 4A girl receives a sustainable pack of pads, keeping them in school for every day of the month

Watch this to find out how Days For Girls is making a difference for women everywhere…

“Having witnessed decades of neglect and lack of innovation, it was important to design a better sanitary product that is user-friendly, hygienic, comfortable and simply much more reliable”
Alex Hooi MBChB FRCOG, Inventor & Co-founder of Callaly

Dr Hooi is a practising medical doctor and gynaecologist of over 30+ years. He’s a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists with an expertise in genito-urinary medicine. Over his career Dr Hooi has been the trusted gynaecologist for thousands of women… and he invented Callaly based on many years of patient feedback for a better option.

“I like that it is all in one, and is innovative and new”

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