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Frequently asked questions

How is Callaly different from a normal tampon?

Callaly is a unique feminine care product combining the absorbency of a tampon with the added protection of a mini-liner, both connected via a patented sheath to wick away any moisture.

Can first-time tampon users use Callaly?

Absolutely. Callaly is less intrusive and more comfortable for first-time tampon users, and also more convenient for experienced users.

Will it be easy to keep my hands and fingers clean? I’ve read that Callaly can help reduce the chance of bacterial infection?

Callaly’s patented sheath ensures very hygienic insertion and removal, significantly reducing any potential contact with fluid. Although we still recommend that users wash their hands before and after use, many feel they don’t need to. From our latest study, the majority of women agree that Callaly has “substantially more hygienic insertion, removal and disposal than a tampon”.

When I use a Callaly on my heavy flow days should I use a sanitary pad as well?

Callaly has been designed to be the ‘best of both worlds’ and therefore with its added protection of a mini-liner there’s no need to use a separate sanitary pad.

How often should I change my Callaly?

As with all tampons, it is important to change your Callaly product at least every 4 hours and never leave a Callaly in for more then 8 hours.

Does Callaly use the standard rules of tampon absorbency?

Yes. Light Callaly tampons absorb up to 6 grams of liquid, regular 6-9 grams and super 9-12 grams. 

Due to the extra absorbency provided by the sheath and mini-liner, Callaly tampons are smaller than conventional tampons yet providing the same absorbency levels.

What size Callaly should I use?

When using a Callaly it’s best to use the lowest absorbency for your flow.

Will Callaly be available in cotton?

Yes! Callaly HQ is busy designing a Callaly Cotton option.

Generally cotton tampons can cost up to 20% more than conventional tampons, they absorb less, and so need changing more frequently, and may feel uncomfortable due to the larger size – making their popularity limited. However a Callaly Cotton option should at least be the equivalent size as a conventional tampon whilst having the same absorbency level.

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Where can I buy Callaly?

Callaly is still in advanced prototype stage, with very encouraging feedback which you can see here.

Callaly will be sold directly from our website via a monthly subscription service which conveniently delivers straight to your door. Every woman’s period is different so you can customise your box by choosing how many lights, regulars, and supers are in a box, the number of boxes, and the frequency of delivery.

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How do you use or share my information?

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What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome, is a very rare but serious illness that can occasionally be fatal.

TSS can occur in men, women and children. There are probably around 40 cases of TSS per year in the UK. About half of these cases are tampon related, the remainder are not. Younger women may be more at risk because their immune system may not be fully developed. TSS is believed to be caused by toxin producing strains of the bacterium staphylococcus aureus. Symptoms can develop quickly and may seen like flu to begin with.

The good news is that when recognised quickly TSS can be treated successfully and most people make a full recovery, so please familiarise yourself with the symptoms:


  • —Sudden high fever usually over 39˚C (102˚F)
  • —Vomiting
  • —Sunburn like rash
  • —Muscle aches
  • —Diarrhoea
  • —Sore throat
  • —Dizziness or fainting

These symptoms may not appear in this order and may not be present at once.


In the unlikely event that you have these symptoms during your period, remove your tampon and consult your doctor immediately, indicating that you have been using a tampon. If you have previously been diagnosed with TSS consult your doctor before using tampons again.

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